Dosbarth Aberdyfi

Dosbarth Aberdyfi is one of the three classes which follow a post 16 curriculum. The timetable is based around Personalised Learning and focus on Independent Learning Skills.

All students, irrespective of the severity of their learning difficulties, have access to accredited courses and the timetable includes:-

  • Asdan Awards
  • College
  • Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • Work Experience and Work Related Learning
  • PHSE
  • Leisure Activities
  • Transition and Promoting Independence
  • Self-Advocacy Group and Personal Centred Planning (PCP)

Statutory areas of study including sex education and careers education are appropriately provided, supported by external agencies and the School nurse.

Pupils’ additional needs are supported as appropriate with physiotherapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory activities and communication.

Pupils are assessed across the curriculum using Bsquared Assessment for P Levels, National Curriculum, Foundation and the Pre-Entry Level and Entries level of the Adult Curriculum.