Communication Support

Pen-y-Cwm school has a well-resourced Communication Support room which is managed by Iris Barrett who works under the direction of Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT).

Communication Support aim to improve individual communication skills. The following areas are covered:-

  • Formal speech therapy programmes
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC’s) – is used to describe the different methods that can be used to help people with disabilities communicate with others. As the term suggests these methods can be used as an alternative to speech or to supplement it.
  • Intensive Interaction – Intensive interaction is an approach to teaching the pre-speech fundamentals of communication to children and adults who have severe learning difficulties and/or autism and who are still at an early stage of communication development.
  • Picture, Exchange, Communication System (PECs) – PECS begins by teaching an individual to give a picture of a desired item to a “communicative partner?, who immediately honours the exchange as a request. The system goes on to teach discrimination of pictures and how to put them together in sentences. In the more advanced phases, individuals are taught to answer questions and to comment.
  • Talkabout – A social communication package.
  • Language Development Groups
  • Signalong – a sign-supported communication for people with learning difficulties.  Training is provided for staff and parents.

Communication support provide guidance to class teams with response to any concerns they may have regarding a pupils difficulties.
The issues raised by staff or parents of the pupils, may be brought to the Communication Forum meetings that are held at the school.