In January 2023, we moved to using BSquared as our primary assessment system. The system supports the Curriculum for Wales framework and enables us to track small steps of progress made by our learners, as well as any significant jumps in progress. Where regression occurs, (this is not uncommon for children and young people with Additional Learning Needs) we are able to drill-down into the data the system collates and identify the what, when and why?

Learner progression along a continuum of learning from ages 3 to 16 is central to Curriculum for Wales. The continuum enables a learner to make progress at a pace appropriate to the individual – Stage not Age, a philosophy than underpins our Curriculum offer at PyC.

All learners are assessed against Progression Steps, articulated in the ‘Descriptions of Learning’ within the Curriculum for Wales guidance. Progression Steps range from 1 (mainstream age 3) to 5 (mainstream age 16).  Within our Special School setting, many of our learners are performing below Progression Step 1: this is the norm for a Special School setting. Therefore, BSquared has enabled us to track the progression of those learners below Progression Step 1 by developing Pre-Progressions Steps 1-6. The Pre-Progression Steps incorporates the Routes for Learning framework, the assessment of cognitive and communication skills, and replaces the P Scales and Foundation Phase Outcomes.

Post-16, learners follow and are assessed against the Steps4Life framework. This framework is designed to enable our Post-16 learners to move towards independence, breaking down important independence skills into small, achievable steps.

Post-16 learners are assessed within the following profile areas:

  • Preparing Food
  • Self-care
  • Independence
  • Travel

In addition to BSquared, we collate additional assessment information that provides us with a holistic view of the learner. This information includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • Motional Assessments
  • Blank Level Assessment
  • Prompt Level – Pilot Assessment
  • Primary Needs Analysis
  • PASS Survey Assessments
  • Move Assessment
  • Reading Tests – Read Write Inc & YARC
  • Numeracy Tests – SENT

Key Principles and Purpose of Assessment

Curriculum for Wales, WG. June 2022.