Educational Psychology Service


What is an Educational Psychologist (EP)?

EPs work with children and young people age 0 – 19, their families and schools. EPs promote the emotional well-being, development, behaviour, learning and the rights of ALL children and young people. All schools in Blaenau Gwent have access to the services of an EP.

What do EPs do?

EPs give advice and guidance to children, young people and their teachers and parents/carers about how to deal with a wide range of problems to do with behaviour, feelings and learning.

EPs talk with teachers, parents and carers and others about how best to support and meet the needs of children and young people.

EPs assess the learning and emotional/behavioural needs of children and young people to help their schools support them in the most effective way.

An Educational Psychologist visits Pen-y-Cwm school on a regular basis.  During these visits she completes general observations within the class and will give advice to staff about concerns they may have regarding the children.

Staff in school will keep you informed when advice is being sought about your child and what the outcome of this is. When there is a long-term or significant cause for concern, we will invite you into school to meet with the Educational Psychologist. You can also contact school at any time if you would like us to arrange an appointment for you to meet with the Educational Psychologist to discuss any concerns you have about your child.