The majority of pupils are assessed across the curriculum using PLAT (Pen-y-Cwm Learner Assessment Tool). This tool focuses on Performance Scales and Foundation Phase Outcomes.

Performance Scales are a set of descriptors for recording the achievement of pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) who are working towards the first level of the curriculum.

A minority of pupils are assessed using Routes for Learning. This tool supports schools in assessing the early communication and cognitive skills of learners with profound learning difficulties and additional disabilities. Routes for learning meet the very individual needs of learners by showing a range of possible learning pathways.

Key stage 4 and Post 16 pupils have access to ASDAN, Entry Level qualifications (if appropriate), Duke of Edinburgh and other accredited courses matched to individual interests, needs and ability.

Additional needs are supported as appropriate with physiotherapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory activities and communication.