Pen-y-Cwm Special School provides specialist educational provision as an integral part of the continuum of educational provision in Blaenau- Gwent. We aim to be inclusive in our practice by providing our learners with educational opportunities in their community mainstream school, Ebbw Fawr Learning Community or their local community.



Leaving school and moving into adulthood can be a challenging time for young people and their parents. What kinds of choices exist and will they help the young person lead a fulfilling life



Signalong is a sign-supported communication for people with learning difficulties.  All pupils in Pen-y-Cwm use signalong.  

We offer training to parents for a nominal fee.  



Communication Support

Pen-y-Cwm school have a well-resourced Communication Support room which is managed by Iris Barrett who works under the direction of Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT).


Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills support is for young people who require extra guidance to develop essential skills and prepare themselves for life after Pen-y-Cwm Special School.   The support is generally provided by Learning Coaches – Alison Bailey and Sam Pennells.


ICT Support

At Pen-y-Cwm school we have a specialist Teaching Assistant to support Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the whole school. ICT can be used to enable learners to communicate, participate in lessons and learn more effectively.




Pen-y-Cwm have a  Multi-sensory base.

Pupils’ additional needs are supported as appropriate with physiotherapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory activities and communication.