TIS Award


Pen-y-Cwm have been awarded the Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) Award – TIS is supporting the emotional and mental health wellbeing of both children and young adults.



“Pen y Cwm provides a safe, caring and inviting environment in which the children are supported by every member of staff from the minute they arrive at school to when they leave.  The children are happy and enjoy school because the relationships between them and the adults are consistent and PACEful. The school’s TIS practitioners are excellent role models and they continually support staff with their practice.  The school is led by a passionate, effective head teacher whose values are learner-centred and support the ethos of empowering and supporting the children as individuals in order that they can achieve their full potential; this notion is shared widely with all stakeholders.  The willingness and supportive nature of the staff team to implement trauma informed approaches to support the direction of the school is clearly evident. The children are safe in school, everyone is treated equally and they have access to emotionally available adults.  Staff express a feeling of collective support that exists between all colleagues – they support each other.  The hard work of the adults in school is acknowledged and recognised by Senior Leadership Team.  The use of evidence-based interventions across the school ensures children have access to appropriate and supportive mechanisms that reflect the PRRRs. The caring nature of the staff is an obvious asset to the enhancement of relationships throughout the school.


My overriding memory will be of the smiling happy faces of the children around the school – and the words from one child who told me, “I love this school!’ ”


Lindsay Winterbourne (TIS consultant)