Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills support is for young people who require extra guidance to develop essential skills and prepare themselves for life after Pen-y-Cwm Special School.   The support is generally provided by school based Learning Coaches .

The Learning Coaches work with young adults on a one to one basis or with very small groups to help gain confidence and build self-esteem and prepare young people for adult life.

A variety of areas are covered and may include:-

  • Transport Training
  • Preparing snacks and meals
  • Household Tasks
  • Shopping Skills
  • Managing Money
  • Transition and College


The Independent Living Skills support concentrate on Personalised Learning and aim:-

  • To offer a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of all students.
  • Raise standards by focusing teaching and learning on the aptitudes and interests of pupils and by removing any barriers to learning.
  • Individual timetable and programmes of study to suit individual.