The physiotherapists visiting the school work with all class based staff to help the children reach their potential in the areas of mobility, function and independence. Relevant children will be assessed in such areas as:
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Change of position
  • Joint range
  • Muscle strength and tone

Mobility equipment will also be reviewed. Assessment for wheelchair and seating needs are carried out jointly with the O.T.’s and other staff. Liaison with the Orthotist ensures appropriate review of equipment.

The level of physiotherapy will be agreed between pupils, parents, staff and the therapist after the assessment and a programme drawn up. Treatment will meet individual children’s needs. This may include programmes of walking or other mobility exercises, standing, passive stretches, exercises at home, hydrotherapy, splints, specialist seating, swimming etc. which may be carried out by the class team with support and guidance from the therapists.

Physiotherapists at Pen-y-Cwm: