Head Teacher’s Welcome

I am delighted to introduce and welcome you to our new school website. I hope that by using the site you will get a picture of our vision, aims and values we uphold.

All schools have their own unique identity and we believe that at Pen-y-Cwm School, we have created a friendly, caring and supportive environment that encourages our pupils to fully learn and develop.

Our strong and committed Governing body fully supports the school in providing the best possible educational opportunities for all.

I hope that you will also see through our new website that Pen-y-Cwm School is a school with significant potential to continue the rapid improvements and developments made over the past few years. Of particular cause for celebration is the move to our new school with all the exciting facilities that this has brought in its wake! With such great resources at our disposal, there will be even more opportunities for us to develop not only the learning and progress of each pupil, but also to enhance their enjoyment, excitement and interest in the whole school experience.

Our pupils are special and at the heart of all we do! We want to share with you the richness of the opportunities available to every pupil at Pen-y-Cwm, the dynamic nature of the learning experience, and the extraordinary breadth of our individual programmes. As well as educating our pupils, we place huge importance on pupils’ wellbeing and their health/care needs.

For our pupils and their staff, Pen-y-Cwm is not just a school, but a real community of enthusiastic learners who find excitement throughout their time with us. We help and encourage our pupils to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and to communicate by whatever means is appropriate to them, because we want them to be comfortable with who they are and to have the confidence and the skills to make their way in the world when they leave us.

At Pen-y-Cwm we work closely with parents to ensure that the time their child spends with us is safe and happy as well as successful. Parents are partners with us during the crucial years spent at our school. We aim to support you, and hope in return, that you will support the school in providing a stable, pleasant and well-ordered environment. Many parents find it rewarding to become more actively involved in the school through the flourishing PTFA or as a Parent Governor. The school has an ‘open-door’ policy and parents and carers are encouraged to contact the school as soon as they have any concerns and are always welcome to come into school to discuss matters relating to their child.

We firmly believe in listening to our pupils. Many contribute to various aspects of school life through the Student Council. Many Pen-y-Cwm pupils have the opportunity to represent the school within the local, regional and sometimes even national community. This can be through work-experience placements, through attendance at college in Key Stage 5 or through sporting or arts events. There are many varied activities to try in addition to the curriculum, which is broad and inclusive. The pupils at the school are encouraged to discuss, to speak up when they see something they feel is wrong and to support each other. We believe that the young adults who leave this school are appropriately prepared, as far as their ability will allow, for their future role in society.

While this website provides a lot of interesting information, it is no substitute for a visit to our school. We welcome you to talk with our pupils and their staff, to walk around our exceptional school, and to get a feeling for what it would be like to be a member of the Pen-y-Cwm School community.

Very best wishes,


Darya Brill-Williams
Head Teacher