School Aims


The aims of Pen-y-Cwm Special School

  • To provide every pupil with a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum including full access to the National Curriculum.
  • To assist each child to develop his/her potential to the full.
  • To ensure that each child feels equally valued within the school community.
  • To help each child to learn to appreciate and value his\her own strengths.
  • To provide opportunities to learn the skills needed in adult life (Maths, Literacy and social skills.)
  • To provide each child with a series of individual education programmes incorporating a range of individual targets.
  • To provide specialised support to all aspects of development in order to help each child progress towards as great a degree of independence as possible. This support will include a multi-sensory approach. 
  • To provide a caring environment ensuing each pupil’s welfare, hygiene and medical needs are appropriately cared for.
  • To encourage the full and active participation of parents in their child’s education.
  • To support all staff in their continued professional development
  • To provide specialist support and advice to staff educating pupils with severe learning difficulties in a variety of educational establishments